Our Instructors

Greg - Cheif Flying Instructor

Our Cheif Flying Instructor Greg has been in the Aviation industry for his entire life, A Engineer by trade, trained on the Big heavys to the Bell 47 Helicopters holds extensive experience keeping our flight training to a world wide standard. Greg has circumnavigated Australia 3 times, once in a Helicopter. Greg, a founding member of SRFC and RAAus ensure we fly to survive while keeping in touch with our grass roots hertitage

Geoff - Deputy Chief Flying Instructor

Beginning his Flying career as a boy in 1952 in the back seat of a Miles Messenger Geoff went on to join Hawker deHavilland and learned to fly on Victa Airtourers. After a 25 year break he converted to RA, joining SRFC in 1990. He got his RA Licence with Bob Conrow, a Veteran SRFC Instructor. Later Geoff joined Scouts at Camden, getting his GA Licence and flying Cessnas as a Staff Pilot. Back in RA he was passed as a Flying Instructor and later as a Senior Instructor. Now with over 1000 hours Geoff is welcoming and assisting bringing new Instructors on board. Geoff has a professional instructing method and has trained many of our pilots the skills they have today.


Tom - Senior Instructor

Tom is a born and bread SRFC instructor. Orginally joining the club back in 2004, Tom trained on our beloved Lightwing 0158 before moving up the ranks and obtaining his instructor rating. Tom is one of our most known instructors and also resident carpenter being at the airfield most Saturdays and some Sundays. Tom has just passed 1000 hrs total being 550 instructing and 300 hrs tailwheel.

Mark - Senior Instructor

Mark began his flying training in 1988 in GA industry & attaining his Commercial Pilot Licence in 1991 with the Canberra Aero Club. He Commenced flying RAAus aircraft in the year 2000. Mark has around 750 hourson many types including R2160 Robin, DHC1 Chipmunk and Hughes Lightwing. Mark enjoys Tailwheel and ‘Bush’ flying. He has worked in the Australian airline industry for over 30 years, including 14 years as a Flight Dispatcher and over 10 years Safety Management. Mark enjoys riding vintage motorcyles during his days on the ground.

Patrick - Senior Instructor

Patrick is one of our newest instructors. Prevousily based up the North Coast Patrick brings a new modern instructor approach to SRFC. Patrick begain flying at the young age of 16 on Motor gliders before moving onto powered flying some years later. Patrick has a total of 800 hrs total time. Patrick is deciated to vounteering his time at the club whether it be assiting with aircraft maintenance or loading our computer up with new ground briefing presentation.

JP - Instructor

J-P as he is formally known has been an instructor with SRFC since 2014. Orginally completing his Flying training in Belgium, J-P brings 50 years worth of flying experience to the team. J-P and a group of friends formed the Australia Civil Air Patrol as it is formally known today. J-P purcahsed an Cessna 152 from the USA in the year of 1989, he manged this aircraft for 18 years before moving it onto a flying school now known as Sydney Flying club. VH-JNB was its Rego and some of you may had flown her