About Us

Who are we?

Sydney Recreational Flying Club is a not for profit organisation that provides a safe, fun and economical solution to Aviation.

Sydney Ultralight Flying Club was founded back in 1984 by a group of Sydney Flying enthusiasts who made up some of the original members of the Australia Ultralight Federation now known as Recreational Aviation Australia.

Becoming a flying school over 35 years ago, SRFC has the ability to train from no experience all the way to CFI ratings.

As one of the oldest flying schools and clubs in Australia we have matured with Recreational Aviation Australia. RAAus is our governing body on whom we operate under

To find out more about RAAus click the link below

As a volunteer organisation there is an expectation that members help-out where they can. While this is not onerous, it is something that you need to consider prior to joining, as we are not simply an aircraft rental organisation. Operating as a volunteer club keeps the rates low, and in return all we ask for is that this is repaid with your participation in the club.

Where are we?

We operate from The Oaks airfield, south west of Sydney.

While this airfield is in the Sydney basin, it is vastly different to flying at Bankstown or even Camden, and it provides a much less sanitised flying experience than other locations.

At more propulated airports such as Bankstown or Camden you can spend up to half your flight on the ground waiting for a slot to takeoff, At The Oaks we taxi straight up to the runway with very little delays giving you more time in the air.