Trial Instructional Flights

If you would like to take a trial lesson, or buy a trial lesson for someone else, please contact our Booking Officer. For a Trial Instruction Flight (TIF), no licence is required, student pilots must be 15 or over, and healthy enough to hold a drivers' licence. TIFs typically last half an hour (we can do 1 hour also), and contribute towards logged flying hours for your pilot certificate.

A Trial Instructional Flight is where it all begins. A TIF is a 30 minute hands on flying experience designed to give you a taste of what its like learning to fly.

It all starts with a pre-flight briefing with one of our experienced instructors. You will be briefed on the fundamental principles of flight and also be given an introduction to the Aircraft you'll be flying. Following your walk around of the aircraft you'll strap yourself in and begin your first 1/2 hour of your flying career. You'll be hands on from the start with your instructor as you taxi to the runway for takeoff. With your instructor at the controls you will blast off skywards and experience the amazing feeling of flight.

Once airborne you'll be given the controls under the close eye of your instructor. where you will conduct some basic maneuvers demonstrating basic flight characteristics. After 20 minutes in the training area you will begin your descent towards the airfield and conduct a couple of circuits before landing and taxing back to the club house for a post-flight briefing and Question & Answer session over a cuppa.