Flight Training

SRFC is an approved Flight Training Facility under Recreational Aviation Australia, and provides the following training under the RAAus syllabus/Operations manual:

  • Recreational Pilot Certificate
  • Passenger Endorsement
  • Low Performance Endorsement
  • Navigation Endorsement
  • Tailwheel Endorsement
  • Instructor Rating
  • Aeroplane Flight Review

Given its history of operating early ultralight aircraft (no longer used), SRFC has developed methods designed to ensure safety in the operation of its aircraft, and these techniques are practiced regularly. These include:

    • The standard approach conducted is a glide approach
    • We train for engine failures at all positions in the circuit
    • We have a general operating philosophy of 'fly-to-survive'

Note: SRFC does not provide theory training, however members can sit exams at the airfield at no cost.