Flight Training

Learning to fly is one of the most exciting adventures you can undertake. The thrill of freedom of flight is a feeling that will never leave you. At Sydney Recreational Flying Club we are an approved RAAus Flight Training School and have been delivering quality flight training for 35 years. Being one of the first flight schools with RAAus makes us one of the oldest club in Australia with an incredible safety record.

At SRFC we focus on training fly to survive ensuring we give you the necessary skills to build a life time of flying on.

6 Instructors with all different teaching techniques ensures we match your leanring style with an instructor you match with.

No Experience necessary!

      • At SRFC we train from abnito all the way through to Instructor

No Minimum age!

      • Theres no minium age to begin flight training, you just need to be 15 years of older to go Solo

Train at your own pace!

      • At SRFC you can fly as many hours at you want when you want, theres no pressure, lock in contracts. Start and stop when you want.

4 Stages of Flight Training

Trial Introductory Flight (TIF)

This is where your flight training journey begins. A Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) is a 30 minute hands on flying experience designed to give you a chance to see if flying is for you. You will takeoff from The Airport and once airborne our instructor will give you the controls. Your instructor will guide you through all aspects of flight before returning to the airfield for a couple of circuits.

Initial Training

Now that you have completed your TIF its time to figure out if flying is for you. If your still unsure, you still can fly with the club for 3 hrs before applying for a SRFC membership. To continue training pass 3 hours, it is a requirement that you join our club which unlocks endless hours and weekends of fun, friendship and experiences. Learning to fly in our club gives you the opportunity to learn in a relax environment with likeminded people who share the same passion as you. From Experienced seasoned pilots to the amateur aircraft builder, everyone has a story to tell and an experience to share. The club organises regular flying events, Airfield BBQ’s and Monthly club meetings to ensure you get your value for your membership.

First Solo

After your instructor has felt you are competent to a solo standard we will give you the keys to go skyward all by yourself. Theres no Minumum hours to go solo either, it can take you anywhere from 5 hours to 30 hrs

Pilot certificate

Now you have flown your Minumun hours, 5 hrs solo and 15 hours dual and have completed your 4 exams your ready for your flight test to recevie your pilots certificate. This is what SRFC calls your "License to learn"