The Oaks Airfield

The Oaks Airfield, located in the Wollondilly Shire, west of Sydney gives Aviators a chance to fly at one of the last remaining World War II satellite airstrips in the Sydney Basin.

Purpose built by the Royal Australia Airforce in 1942 it was used as a main RAAF Station and Operational Base to move Aircraft off the coast if Sydney was to come under attack.

The Runway was originally built as a 5000ft sealed runway to enable bomber aircraft to safety operate in all weather conditions throughout the war. After the war Burragorang road was built which to give access to the west of The Oaks for the purpose of Warragamba Dam the original sealed runway was destroyed and the runways halved.

In 1975 two aviation enthusiast purchased the airfield from the original land owners and kept its current use as a small, quite grass strip. The airfield now has 2 parallel runways each with a distance of 2789ft. Operating as a non-Licensed aerodrome the airfield is not controlled by any airspace.

Operations are subject to a combination of frequently challenging weather conditions, wildlife, and a mix of traffic that on occasion includes sport aircraft, gliders, helicopters and GA aircraft.

This provides a unique environment to learn about aviation, and is unlike other training airfields in the Sydney basin.

Airfield Guidelines

Driving in

If your driving to the airfield please ensure you contact one of the clubs below prior to your arrival. This will ensure we can advise you if the airfield is open and also restrictions of the airfield. Its important to note that the airfield is a Private property so approval must be given.

  • SRFC - 0425251939

  • Daves Flying School - 0414 740 766

Once permission has been granted to enter the airfield you must adhere to the following rules:


      • Do not speed down the road. The airfield is an active aerodrome. Aircraft frequently cross the road during Taxi to the Runways. If you are found speeding on the airfield road you will be asked to leave.

- Drive only to a designated flying school club house.

      • If you are visiting the airfield you must only drive to the club house of the flying school you wish to visit. All other sections of the airfield are deemed as a live runway with aircraft operating.

Flying in ✈️

Flying into The Oaks is an exciting and rewarding experience however if your from a neighbouring airfield or far aboard its important to familiarise yourself with our local procedures.

  • Although we don't require prior permission for you to fly into The Oaks its recommended to contact the Airfield Owner or one of the flying schools on site to discuss the current condition of the airfield and

    • Airfield Owner - Refer ERSA

    • SRFC Bookings - 042525320144

    • Daves Flying School - 0414 740 766