Aeroprakt A22 Foxbat

SRFC has choose the Aeroprakt A22 Foxbat for use as our primary training aircraft. Since 2008 we have safety operated and provdied training for over 5000 hrs. The Foxbat with its large flight envelope, docile handling characteristics and short takeoff and landing capabilities allows us to demostate a large range of flying techniques to students.

Flight deck

Our A22 Foxbats are approved to provide day Visual Flight Rules training. In line with our grass roots methodology we use basic stream driven gauge. This ensures our students learn to fly the aircraft from the seat of there pants whilst using instruments as assistance.

The Engine

Rotax 912 ULS

Having flown 6000+ hrs behind Rotax engines gives us the confidence to get behind a Rotax 912ULS each flight. The 100 hp weighs 56kg gives an incrediable power to weight ratio to get our Foxbat in the air quicker then most training aircraft.

The Pilots Seat

In a class of its own

A large open cabin, Bubble doors and payload capacity of 200 kgs allows us to comfortably train and carry loads that many other aircraft are unable to. The Y stick controls allow a natural feel for flying the aircraft even for the most novice of pilots.